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Sweets for my sweet

Christmas is coming. Since weeks I taste it on my tongue, touch it in my postbox, see it in my living room, hear it on my record player and feel it in the hugs of so many loevely people! Here are some of these moments. 


  1. Dear Magdalena, may your Christmas be merry, bright and filled with tasty treats! :)

  2. sweetest moments!
    i was and still is so happy with the post you sent me.
    it really touched me, read it many times!
    i will show you soon some of my moments from it.
    thank you dear magdalena,
    merry christmas,
    i wish us a beautiful year, full of health, love, and paths in life...

  3. Danke für deinen Kommentar auf meinem Blog. Frohe Weihnachten!

  4. lovely glimpses!

    super happy with your little christmas post, un grand merci ma belle! there's something coming your way too... merry christmas!

  5. mam nadzieję, że były właśnie takie, o jakich marzyłaś :-)