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Originally I wanted to post some more pictures from the last weeks, but yesterday there was a mailpresent :) in my mailbox! so I am happy to make a very special intermission for a special bloggerfriend Lisa from belgium! I am really really so happy and was so suprised by your extensive lovely package full of presents for me! Everything in it is beautiful and I had to laugh because of the magnet letters Lisa :) last week, in Barcelona, some friends of us had masses of them too and we played with them trying to find new cool sentences out!!! :) I like the words you have chosen for me!!! so thank you very very much for so many presents, colours, suprises you put together for me with love!

I am still very happy and want to share this with you!

Also my dearest [sen.siˈʝes] send me clouds, sun, colours and lovely words which made my day!!! Here is also the beautiful card from her! Thank you again I.!!! :)



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Step by step

I haven't posted for weeks, but I have collected many new pictures which I will share with you in the next days. Starting from the newest to the oldest. :) I'm fresh back from my short trip full of beer :) sun, sea & seafood and the most important thing "such good people!"


Forgotten Satanspilz...

These are some treasures I found on my favourite fleamarket. One postcard is written on april 23rd, 1940 and I am still trying to read it, but its so hard in this scripture. I fall in love with these two photographs, especially the wedding. All the children are so allegiance looking into the camera, but isn't it cute detecting just this one girl who is looking to the other playing children? 
:D I have to boost the photography sometime...