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Zines in my pocket!

last week I found a new magazine. I didn't knew it before. Did you? I skimed through it and read about this cute house AND about the receipe of the polish poppy seed cake for which reason that magazine was in my good books! HA! Mhhh I liiiike the traditional polish poppy seed cake and I liked the content, the photography, editorial design and the paper of this magazine. SO it was mine. But that was not the only one I bought this day in the shop. :D There was a theme about families in the DUMMY magazine. I can recommend it and also the CHINA Geo Special! GREAT! Which magazines do you like, and which can you recommend here? It would be great to read here about magazines from different corners of the world! Thank you!


Some time ago Lisa from Belgium sent me a sunshine-award, which is ‘an award for bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspires others in the blog world’.  By getting this you are asked some queations, which I will post here. But honestly, oh, this feels like beeing a teenager again HA! You have to pass the award on to five bloggers who bring some sunshine in your life through their blog. The five bloggers are: Sarah Jagoda Sara Ines and Zenobie

- favorite color: I fell in love with navy
- favorite animal: in the water its's a giant turtle (I had the pleasure to swim with some last year :-)
in the air its a butterfly and a swallow and on the ground it's a squirrel living behind my window since 2008.
- favorite non-alcoholic drink: so many kinds of fresh fruit smoothies
- facebook or twitter: actually either of them turn me on :D
- getting or giving presents: giving!
- favorite flower: the flavour of lily of the valley, the look of forget-me-not and wild flowers
- favorite pattern: flowers
- passion: music music music!!!
- favorite number: 7


It is done!

For you my mały. 


She believed she could, so she did!

On the occasion of 'International Women's Day 2012"
OUR DAY! To all you women there outside!



Days passes by, but today I woke up with this beautiful morning red and yellow, so intense in the skies. Although it's getting a little bit colder again, I think I saw Mrs. Spring outside the window. Indeed just very short-time but I hope she comes back even quicker and stays for a long long time here.

'Spring' was always 'my' season, something that belonged to me as a child when I couldn't distinguish time and space. As a child we were asked on which day and year we were born and I just always answered ' I was born in spring'. That was my only imagination of time and space. The warmth of spring, the blossom, the birds, the longer days...Every year anew. I like living in a country where we have all the seasons running like in a circle, changing and coming every year again.

Wish you summer-, winter-, autumn- and spring- girls and boys all the best for this season!