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Some time ago Lisa from Belgium sent me a sunshine-award, which is ‘an award for bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspires others in the blog world’.  By getting this you are asked some queations, which I will post here. But honestly, oh, this feels like beeing a teenager again HA! You have to pass the award on to five bloggers who bring some sunshine in your life through their blog. The five bloggers are: Sarah Jagoda Sara Ines and Zenobie

- favorite color: I fell in love with navy
- favorite animal: in the water its's a giant turtle (I had the pleasure to swim with some last year :-)
in the air its a butterfly and a swallow and on the ground it's a squirrel living behind my window since 2008.
- favorite non-alcoholic drink: so many kinds of fresh fruit smoothies
- facebook or twitter: actually either of them turn me on :D
- getting or giving presents: giving!
- favorite flower: the flavour of lily of the valley, the look of forget-me-not and wild flowers
- favorite pattern: flowers
- passion: music music music!!!
- favorite number: 7


  1. Dziękuję, za nominację, jednak kiedyś postanowiłam sobie nie brać udziału w zabawach blogowych :-)
    Mam nadzieję, ze się nie obrazisz.
    Pozdrawiam i udanego tygodnia :)

    1. Co ty :D oczywiscie sie nie obraze. Ja szczerze mowiac (jak tez pisalam)uwazam ze to troche dziecinne ale to juz drugi raz mnie dziewczyny nomnoja, a wiec teraz zrobilam :D

      zycze na wzajem super pieknego tygodnia! tutaj swieci slonce!

  2. ohhhh, du hast mitgemacht. hätte ich das gewusst, hätte schon ich dich getagged :) schön, ein bisschen mehr von dir zu erfahren, süße! wünsch dir einen schönen arbeitstag!

    1. :)))) du kennst mich schon ein wenig besser als du denkst. ich wurde schonmal dazu aufgerufen, und ich hatte nicht mitgemacht, weil das nicht so meins ist. Es ist unbedeutend also dachte ich ob ichs mache oder nciht...:D egal

      ganz liebe Grüüüüße

  3. Gwiazdko zostaw u mnie adresm maila pod konkursem ♥


  4. thank you again
    love reading these lists of peoples love and likes too!
    how come nr 7?

    1. hey sara,

      to be honestly I dont know. As a child I liked the sound of the word of this number in polish, german and english as well. maybe baecuase if the seven sins :D ha!