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Days passes by, but today I woke up with this beautiful morning red and yellow, so intense in the skies. Although it's getting a little bit colder again, I think I saw Mrs. Spring outside the window. Indeed just very short-time but I hope she comes back even quicker and stays for a long long time here.

'Spring' was always 'my' season, something that belonged to me as a child when I couldn't distinguish time and space. As a child we were asked on which day and year we were born and I just always answered ' I was born in spring'. That was my only imagination of time and space. The warmth of spring, the blossom, the birds, the longer days...Every year anew. I like living in a country where we have all the seasons running like in a circle, changing and coming every year again.

Wish you summer-, winter-, autumn- and spring- girls and boys all the best for this season!


  1. Die Farben sind prächtig. Sehr, sehr schön. Ich wünsche dir auch das Beste!

  2. Oh wie schön! Geniesse den Frühling, hier in Australien kommt nun leider leider der Herbst immer näher! Naja, immerhin kann ich dann endlich auch mal wieder Stiefel, Schal und meinen Lieblingsmantel anziehen :)