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woooohhoowww, one month since I posted the last time. 
I was on holidays (a month) like many other people did... met many different and very nice people from finland, denmark, germany, belgium, malaysia, holland, portugal, spain, and ireland. Unfortunetly I didn't found the time to post before my trip, that this blog will sleep for a month, but now I'm back with so many impressions, stories, turtles, monkeys, eagles and sun in my bag, that I have enough pictures to share with you the next weeks! This is my third day back in europe so I have to acclimate a little bit yet...

But I'm happy to read all the new posts at your blogs and catch up on everything in your blogger world...

First I want to send a big hug and thank you to Indra & Hermine who made my return much more prettier!!! Dear Hermine, thank you so much for all the little, cute, extraordinary choices you did, putting beautiful things in this "HERMINE - like - envelope!!! DANKE SEHR! I am very thankful!

And Indra :)
My lovely one, thank you also so much! I love the card, especially the girl behind the cup! :-)
thank you for thinking about me in the city of love. I've never been there...maybe some day..hope you liked it and saw all the places you wanted to see!!!

this card (first picture) I got from Indra.