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Hermine in my castle

Yesterday I found a treasure in my postbox! 
The sender was the rainbow bringing gardener Hermine from belgium!

Dear Hermine, it was such a delight to find, see, open, smell, touch and have all the presents in my castle! Thank you very much for this lovely suprise, and for so many ideas you put in this little beautiful envelope. Especially the cupcake moulds which I will use soon suprised me so nice, because I love to bake CC!!! Thank you also for sharing your own gardener treasures "the magic seeds" with me!  You made me smile from left to right! THANK YOU AGAIN!

Hope I can make you also such a great pleasure! For me, it was...


Experimenting with the clouds

This is just a little experiment with stop motion photography. Wanted to try this for such a long time, and finally my time has come! Will post some more the next days. Here you see the view from my castle as a short start...:D

Maybe someone of you recognizes the music in here? :D


Chocolate days

Looking at the last weeks it feels almost like we had summer. The weather was perfect and so the motivation was growing to vegetate my balcony. I also coloured the floor and ask myself why did I wait so long and haven't done it before, because it looks so much better now. :D In these days it's such a pleasure sitting outside in my cozy loggia, eating lots of sweets :D because they are melting in this sun, watching the sunset, the moon and the stars and dreaming a little bit about this year holidays... 
^ – ^ 


Isak Dinesen

"The cure for anything is salt water – sweat, tears or the sea."


Girls just wanna have fun! :D

These days some might say I got very old, but actually I'm feeling like a little young girl, like in the first picture haha ;-) and enjoying the bright side of life. Thank you all for your very nice wishes! I'm sharing these treasures of the last days with you here. These are special moments & gifts from friends which I had to post. The little cupcakes were sooooo delicious I can tell you! I had to eat the green one with Ahoj Brause which was really a tasty tingly experience!!! YUMMY!!!If you'll be in cologne some day you have to try these "Royal Cupcakes"! Trust me!