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Chocolate days

Looking at the last weeks it feels almost like we had summer. The weather was perfect and so the motivation was growing to vegetate my balcony. I also coloured the floor and ask myself why did I wait so long and haven't done it before, because it looks so much better now. :D In these days it's such a pleasure sitting outside in my cozy loggia, eating lots of sweets :D because they are melting in this sun, watching the sunset, the moon and the stars and dreaming a little bit about this year holidays... 
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  1. you have gorgeous photos and colors here, i am enjoying wandering in your forest, thanks for leaving a comment at my place!

  2. A beautiful sequence of photos. Thanks for the visuals.

  3. Da sind auf jedem Fotos lauter nette Kleinigkeiten zu entdecken. Solche Fotos mag ich sehr.

    Liebe Grüße

  4. What a beautiful set of photos! Love the title and also love the Dutch candies :-)

  5. :)

    soooo schön! das erste bild ist wundervoll. wie ein kleiner blätterregen.

  6. @ sarapirat
    thank you for your lovely words. So nice that you read about my forest!!! I welcome you here!

    @ gracia
    Thank you also for your kind words! It#s a pleasure dicovering your designs and your shop. Will have a closer look at the evening, but the first impressions are sooo lovely!

    @ Li+Belle
    Hey Krisitn, danke sehr!

    @ Anne
    merci!!! yes, i love them too, and also the design of them!

    my sensijes :-)
    danke liebes I.
    ja, das dachte ich auch, als ich morgends in der früh die ersten sonnenstrahlen durch die blätter erblickte.

  7. So peaceful. I love to wonder around my house and my terrace, just drinking a cup of coffee, listening to good music and watching the hours go by :)