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Sun, frost and forest

Sunday walks through the forest are so refreshing, espacially when it's so chilly and sunny at the same time.  And you can meet so many dwellers :D


Into the Wild Part 3


Into the Wild Part 2


Into the Wild Part 1

Last year I had the chance to visit a impressive new piece of this world. A more wild, rough 
but beautiful country with the most hospitable and friendly people I ever met. Thailand, 
really the land of the smiles. AND the land of the smell... haha in any way! :D I made a round 
trip as a backpacker starting at Bangkok, down the seaside up to the Islands in the golf 
of Thailand. In these cold days I am slowly missing the warmth and the shafts of sunlight. 
But first Mrs. Spring should pay a visit soon! I'm waiting.



"In da Neighborhood" Part I"

This is from my 30 minutes sanitary walk today. It doesn't matter how often I'm walk-
ing down the streets,  I have to behold again and again at the beautiful houses next door.



The weekend is almost over and I am sick and limp, not really  able to work, but here are some chilling pictures from my "BAR" which maybe helps me to get fit tomorrow :D.
Next week, more pictures!


In the Dark

When you're working, the days seem to run so fast, especially in the winter.  I'm still getting back home in the darkness, but fortunately it's getting slowly a little bit brighter with every closing time. These pictures are from downtown beside the ice rink and at the Gruga Park in the darkness of winter.



Some weeks ago I experimented drawing with a soldering iron on wood which is not so 
easy as I thought and as you can see :D 


Good Evening

All the snow is gone, but therefore we've got so many colours to see today, and this on
"Monday". Wish you a nice week.



A few years ago I had the chance to visit some very nice and hospitable icleandic people in Reykjavik and surrounding area. It was a really impressive new wonderful countryside and experience. In these darker days it returns to my mind and the pictures fit perfect to the music I'm non-stop listening to. :D Matt Elliott  is unique and his music reminds me a little bit of the sound of "the Godfather", especially this song Failing Song. The Artwok for all the LP's was done by the russian artist Vania.