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What if Money didn't matter

Hey you,
today one friend of mine posted one great video you maybe already know, but maybe you don't? I think it is so simple pure and true. What do you think? Are you sure you are all living your life like you want it to? How important is money and how easy is it to say that it doesn't mean that much, if you have nothing. But anyway, the essence of that video is great and it releases a little bit I think. Hope you make your everydaylife the best way you can and don't regret anything...Whatever it is that makes you and your life more colorful, do it! Now.

M like My Way




So soft

Weekend time was family time. Soft, calm, time for a long walk, talk, cake, tea, coffee, old vinyl memories, cats :D, laughing, kidding and so much more. Enjoying life at its best with the ones I love. Seems so simple but isn't often so naturally.


For kids and adults

This weekend I had the pleasure to escape the Ruhrarea and visit some friends and their impressive city. Everytime I stay there, time runs so fast and I realize I haven't got enough time to see all the places I wanted to. But anyway, it was a great short trip with some snap shots and my very professional little beautiful girl model.



Yes! My new camera joined me this week. So much fun and lust in taking pictures again!!!
I am complete again! ;D