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'Füf vor Vieri' II


'Füf vor Vieri' I

Last days I spend in Switzerland. I visited friends in Zürich and had the pleasure to experience how the Swiss live, speak, pardy hard and spend too much money for the cost of living. It was great but unfortunetly very cloudy and hazy and the trip a little bit short, so I could not see the city in it's greatest colours. But hey, I will go back and can recommand the city and it's offering. The only thing is that you should be prepared for the prices. 17 Euro for a cocktail in a bar is a quite expensive price :D


Short days, long nights!

Without snow, just with rain, there is a lack of SnowWHITE here! No reflection. 
No brightness, no deep breathe in broad daylight. We only come out at night...;-) Keep calm, have a Absinth and put a good record on. Enjoy. Do you have a favorite January song you wanne share?


Bangkok in Düsseldorf

There are lots of many exhibitions that I have to visit this year. A great one I visited and you should do, is in  the Museum Kunstpalast Düsseldorf. Some days ago we went to the new one of the german photographer Andreas Gursky. Great huge pictures full of things to discover. Beautiful patterns, perspectives, light and dark. If you're around, you should go there, even if you're not a big photography fan. Check it OUT if you're around! I can really recommend it!


Go for it! 2013! Cheers!

Man sagt, heute sei Neujahr. Punkt 24 Uhr sei die Grenze zwischen dem alten und dem neuen Jahr. Aber so einfach ist das nicht. Ob ein Jahr neu wird, liegt nicht am Kalender, nicht an der Uhr. Ob ein Jahr neu wird, liegt an uns. Ob wir es neu machen, ob wir neu anfangen zu denken, ob wir neu anfangen zu sprechen, ob wir neu anfangen zu leben.
(Johann Wilhelm Wilms)

These are my last adventures from 2012 and first new moments from 2013.
Wish you a happy new year! Yes!