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'Füf vor Vieri' I

Last days I spend in Switzerland. I visited friends in Zürich and had the pleasure to experience how the Swiss live, speak, pardy hard and spend too much money for the cost of living. It was great but unfortunetly very cloudy and hazy and the trip a little bit short, so I could not see the city in it's greatest colours. But hey, I will go back and can recommand the city and it's offering. The only thing is that you should be prepared for the prices. 17 Euro for a cocktail in a bar is a quite expensive price :D


  1. are those disco light? they look so cool!
    also love the sign that's illuminated.
    beautiful pictures :)

    1. hey Nilta, yes theses are disco lights. very faaaaat :D
      thanky ou very much for your nice words!

  2. Replies
    1. genau! so was mit dem schwiizerdütsch ist schon nochmal lustiger als hier so hoch deutsch wie bei uns...

  3. Replies
    1. No bylo ladnie, ale pogoda nie najlepsza wiec miasto nie widzialam w najpiekniejszej sukience ;D