Here you find my PORTFOLIO


Hermine in my castle

Yesterday I found a treasure in my postbox! 
The sender was the rainbow bringing gardener Hermine from belgium!

Dear Hermine, it was such a delight to find, see, open, smell, touch and have all the presents in my castle! Thank you very much for this lovely suprise, and for so many ideas you put in this little beautiful envelope. Especially the cupcake moulds which I will use soon suprised me so nice, because I love to bake CC!!! Thank you also for sharing your own gardener treasures "the magic seeds" with me!  You made me smile from left to right! THANK YOU AGAIN!

Hope I can make you also such a great pleasure! For me, it was...


  1. oh wie schööööön :)
    lauter kleine schätze!

  2. Na das ist mal schöne Post. Viele kleine Niedlichkeiten. Das freut man sich doch, oder?

  3. How awesome to find such a nice little package in your postbox! Lovely treasures!

  4. hermine has landed over here aswell.
    that is a good thing to warm our hearts with on a monday. in case we don't manage to stay asleep.

    i will go for a walk now, and search for treasures to share with you on the blog.

    wish you a beautiful day.

  5. Oh, Magdalena, I'm so so so happy you like my little package. And your pictures of it are wondeful !

    Thankyou !

  6. This is such a lovely idea! And I think the collection you got, is just wonderful! Especially the little seed-packages and this postcard in the last picture!

  7. Love the feeling in your photos. :)

  8. Pretty mail you have got, and pretty pictures taken of that.

    It is some gardening work also here today. Under a blue sky. Hopefully you have the blue sky too!

    Happy weekend!

  9. oh lovely! I want to exchange mail with her aswell :)

    I wrote about the book, because a bird pood on my backpack while I was riding my bike - luckily not on my head!