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Time is running fast. Hope you had calm Christmas days with your beloved and can enjoy now that 'it's finally over!!!' hahah :D I do and looking forward the next year. This year I had just a few posts, a broken camera, and many changes but now I am looking forward for 2013! This will be good. Thank you for coming and visiting my forest here. Hope to see and read from you soon,
M like Milkchocolate
These ones are dedicated to my dear Cousin who is living too far away from me.


  1. i loved the glass balls! so beautiful.
    and the wheel in the night sky!
    merry christmas!

    1. Dear Nileta, (by the way, what a nice name, never heard it before), thank you very much for your lovely comment. Thank you also for your Christmas wishes, hope you had a merry christmas too! ANd whats about New years eve ;-) Wish you a sunny, happy, colorful 2013!

      See you soon!

  2. I wish you a wonderful 2013, Magdalena!
    I'm looking forward to seeing you more often here again :)

    1. LOveLy Lisa,
      thank you thank you! Wish you also a very new great adventure this year. May all your whishes for the year come true, and don't give up to fulfill them!
      By the way, I visited the site of the black heart rebellion, and we will try to come to a concert and see them live. Maybe you are in the end of january on the concert too.
      would be great if we make it to belgium.

      Wish you a wonderful january!
      m like music changed my life.

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    1. Hey Jagodko,

      zycze tobie pieknego, kolorowego, szczesliwego i wspanialego nowego roku 2013!
      Dzieki ze mnie zawsze tu odwiedzasz! Fajnie byloby sie kiedys spotkac face to face.
      Moze kiedys sie uda?!
      Trzymaj sie! Pa pa

  4. these photos makes me curious,
    about your cousin, about where he or she lives, about what you did in these photos...
    they are somewhat timeless, perhaps that is what makes me so curious.

    magdalena, thank you for you!
    i am also looking forward to 2013, i am sure it will be another adventure...
    love, hugs

    1. my dear loevely sara,
      you make me always happy with your words. you are such a beautiful writer. I mean all your text on your blog, and all the details and new perspectives! thank youuuu! I am very happy, that my christmas card reached you in sweden, before you got back home. And that you liked it :*
      and yes, the 2013 adventure will be surely great! wish it for both of us!

      The photos werde made two weeks before christmas. my cousin could just stay two days here, and I tried to show her the most in this time ;D She is from poland and lives near the coast, near Gdansk, the town I told you to visit next time, when you will be there :D

      BIg big hugs my friend!
      your magdalena

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    1. Huhu! Zurück! Dir ein tolles jahr voller I's und Ooooooohhhh's und Aaaaaa's :D
      Drücke Dich! Lass krachen!