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my praline evening


  1. beauty!
    always so happy when i see you posted another gorgeous series.

  2. I agree :) love your series and your eye for nice details!
    hope you're having a good summer! x

  3. ladies,

    merci merci merci!
    you know what, my camera broke in cambodia. since two months I havent shot any photos with a REAL good camera (only with my I phone)... but these shots are from the days in a little time ago.
    I'm looking forward for another one, and thinking of a change. from canon to nikon, but til now, I havent made any decision and no new camera...
    but I hope to buy it this week. I miss it sooooooooo much! you girls can imagine :D

    the summertime is so relaxing. I am enjoying it and hope you do also!
    wish you all a great august!
    kisssssses with heart!

  4. süße, hoffe, alles gut bei dir. fühl dich ganz fest umarmt!