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Hero turtles...

Malaysia was amazing. I'm still living on the last weeks...Snorkelling with a giant turtle was the best I ever did in the sea. It felt like being a part of this earth, also belonging absolutely into the nature. The moment when the turtle came out to the surface for breathing was really awesome. I saw this big head over the surface, which was bigger than mine :-) and so broad! The sharks I swam with could not top this calm, huge, impressive animal at all, but it was also an great experience, of course.

Borneo had also its amenities. The turtle island reef was full of beautiful corals in all colours with some different species of fish, but I decided to enjoy this pleasure so pure and good I could without taking pictures underwater. Here you just find some moments in between going down and finding nemo (have met him so often in the sea anemone :-)) and laying in the turtle pits...


  1. Oh the envy! I love that you were traveling but still had the glam pearls :)

  2. sprachlos sein. die erste bild ist der wahnsinn. paradies auf erden :)

  3. Das sind wunder, wunderschöne Fotos. Vor allem das erste ist paradiesisch. Du bist mit einer Schildkröte geschwommen? Das muss herrlich sein.

    Bist du das auf dem Foto? Wenn ja, dann gefällt mir deine Haarfarbe ausgesprochen gut.

    Ich hoffe, es kommen noch viele, viele Fotos. Ich tauche so gerne in fremde Welten.

  4. malaysia!
    turtles...oh i once saw one or swam next to one and then another one in the red sea. it was magic!

    beautiful shots, happy you are back!

  5. your photos are stunning, especially the top one. And i love the lazy cat picture too :)

  6. Hey hey,

    very nice to read what you are thinking of the pictures...

    @Aramar ;-)))))

    @sensijes ja das war es! auch für die schildkröten, die dort ihre eier ablegen...:-)

    @Kristin, ja thats me. :-) und ich habe noch ne tasche voller fotos ;-) DANKE!!!

    @Sarapirat, dear Sara, exactly! It was magical!

    Thank you all again fpr visiting me here!

  7. Was für eine unglaublich schöne Begegnung! Das nächste Mal muss ich dann wohl auch nach Malaysia :-)!