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Treasures in Düsseldorf & Hands UP! Part I

There is no better activity for sundays or weekends than going to a fleamarket. Since I was a child I have had delight for this happenings. Searching for treasures, a little bit haggling, the wonderful still lifes on every table, the different and sometimes very extraordinary people and the german "Bratwurst" after snatching wonderful things. I can't get enough, so I am a regular guest on Düsseldorf's Radschlägermarkt. Today it was fantastic although a little bit too cold, but I had a great time with my friends and found some lovely treasures for my home and myself. If you should be in Düsseldorf, visit this great, huge square of colours, people, dogs & yummy crepes :D


  1. o! czwarte mi się najbardziej podoba.

  2. Musiało być cudownie. Figurki Smerfów przypominają mi dzieciństwo, uwielbiałam je.

  3. i absolutely LOVE fleamarkets! it's a shame that we don't really have a proper one in Ljubljana ... it's either really expensive old stuff on sundays in town center, or just some crapy trashed furniture at this weird obscure place near the highway ring i'm always affraid to go :)

  4. zazdroszczę, musiało być fantastycznie, zresztą zdjęcia mówią same za siebie!

  5. take me there, this is fantastic!
    look at those Smurfs :)
    Funny thing, in Serbia we call them Strumpf :)